Today is the final day of the Forum. The scientific program continues until 5.30 pm in parallel 4 halls. The activity of doctors increased, discussions and questions became substantive. Delegates during breaks linger in the halls and behind the scenes continue to exchange opinions with the lecturers. The number of graduate students from medical universities has increased noticeably. Volunteers in each hall and check-in desks conduct a survey on a 5-point system in various areas, including the organization of the forum and the quality of reports and symposia. This will help optimize our work. Participants of the exhibition express their gratitude for the active participation of delegates and lively interest.

            Contrary to the expectations of the congregation, delegates slowly receive their certificates with 18 credit hours and continue to attend scientific meetings. Today, the scientific program presents symposia of several leading medical schools with the participation of meters of Russian medicine in various areas of therapy, and symposiums from different regions and CIS countries.

            Speakers and delegates from CIS countries express gratitude for the support and invitation, and are ready to expand cooperation. In general, doctors and delegates highly appreciate the level of preparation of the Forum, and most importantly the objectivity of the scientific program.

            We express gratitude to the group of volunteers - students of the  MGSMU, the staff of the RussianAcademy of Sciences, the administration of NationalResearchCenter for Preventive medicine, the companies participating in the exhibition and primarily the general sponsor of Bayer, the partners of the Cardioprogress Promed Praha and Delik groups. And, of course, to all the invited speakers and experts. Together we are one team.

            This is how another project of the year ended. We are waiting for new discoveries and exploits.

            A detailed report on the results of the Forum will be presented on March 28, 2018.